In addition to your materials, clients, dealers, and datasets, financial or otherwise, your master data can be managed through a single platform in line with your improvable master data processes.

  • You can access your master data processes through Fiori or Web-based NetWeaver Business Client screens without the need for different screens.
  • With standard reporting screens, processes can easily be analyzed in detail.
  • These screens are configured based on the needs of the enterprise and processes are conducted through user-friendly interfaces.
  • Single or collective activities of your master data go through approval flows in line with your processes. This way, your master data are formed consistently and credibly and can be easily transferred to other SAP or non-SAP systems.
  • Thereby removing operational workload affecting departments like production, sales, marketing, and finance, caused by data that are wrong or not up to date.
  • It saves great effort and time spent on separate management of master data processes governed in dispersed systems.
  • It provides analytical solutions for the control of your processes. It brings process duration to the top level with correct reports related to the follow-ups of requests and their status at the stage of approval.
  • It saves time as people in charge of the master data cycle receive automatic notifications.
  • It prevents errors faced in various systems with confirmation and data cleansing rules.