MDG UI Handling Framework

A good user experience is a key requirement for any user-centric user interface (UI). The main UI layer for SAP Master Data Governance is based on Web Dynpro and SAP Fiori technology. Our framework provides an efficient way to control the standard UI configurations in the central governance scenarios. As SAP Master Data Governance is an enterprise solution involving hundreds of fields per domain, it’s very important to display the relevant role-specific information at each governance process step in a user-friendly manner. This will enhance efficiency of daily work as it will safe time! The idea is that only required information for the business process is reflected on the UIs and everything else either hidden or protected.

Dynamic UIBB Handler

Floorplan Manager (FPM) is based on the Web Dynpro technology paradigm, and it helps developers build UIs on the ABAP application layer with a standardized layout/look and feel. A floorplan can consist of multiple UI building blocks (UIBBs). As an example, the FPM application configuration BS_MAT_OVP_09 contains 49 UIBBs:

Not all of them are needed for each MDG-M governance process step. Our framework controls the behavior of these, i.e. it is possible to hide UIBBs based on parameters, e.g. CR-type, CR-step, material type, etc.

Dynamic Field Properties Handler

It is possible for every field in the MDG data model, e.g. MM data model to customize field properties for each change request step . Field properties can be set to hidden, read only, optional, or mandatory. Our framework steps in if MDG fields have to be dynamically managed depending on parameters, e.g. CR-type, CR-step, material type, etc.