SAP Fiori is the product of a more modern user experience offered by SAP that redesigns classical SAP screens in a way that is compatible with all devices. In general terms, Fiori UX represents a responsive client experience with easy-to-use customized for all devices and installation options. There are over 400 role-based SAP Fiori applications for various business departments like HR, finance, production, purchasing, and sales.

What are the advantages of SAP Fiori?

  • With Fiori improvements, applications can be used in a way that is customized for the user, the desired requirements can be met, and the application contents can be modified on demand. On top of that, it does not require much coding, either.
  • It provides the convenience of use in desired mobile operating systems.
  • Its user-friendliness is further increased by its compatibility with modern technological trends like “voice assistant”.
  • It can finalize the analysis of information relating to data in the SAP system in visual and innovative ways.