We connect Salesforce 
Many customers prefer software-as-a-service (SaaS) modelling and carry out business process and application in a Cloud-based central point. Among Cloud-based CRM applications, Salesforce holds the leading position in world-embracing marketing.
In a great majority of integrations between SAP, as the leader of corporate business field, and Salesforce; an SAP-centered system SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) is preferred. SAP PI, applied in many projects and application in the world of SAP whether they are in-source or out-source (Cloud) integration solutions, can easily manage those solutions and save on time.

Medepia SalesForce-PI solution aims to achieve an end-to-end integration between SAP ECC and SalesForce

Medepia suggest to use SAP PI/PO for the integrations between SAP and Salesforce.

Salesforce Project Integrations contain specific technical necessities. Some of them are listed below;

  • Authentication mechanism in Salesforce system runs session-based. Each integration need session data. Because of Salesforce-XML-language definitions are used in Web Service structure submitted by Salesforce application, it cannot be used by importing directly into integration layer. There should be a set of regulation on the structure.
  • According to customer needs, Salesforce synchronous Web-service communication integrations with SAP IDOC/ALE asynchronous are executed by BPM (can be ccBPM or NetWeaver BPM depending on SAP PI/PO version).

Medepia solution makes duplex connection on the most technological infrastructure between SAP and Salesforce with a swift method and relevant cost. It minimizes unnecessary data bulge on both systems and avoids data loss.