Manage your reconcilations in the fastest, easiest and safest way

BA/BS and Declaration

Where B forms are prepared, sent and archived. System prepares B Form Declaration in the proper format, suitable to submit to GIB, after finishing reconciliation process.

User Dashboard

This is the welcoming screen where user can see the figures of reconciliation, filtered by their current status, according to companies, financial period and users. Each information box directly links to reconciliation envelopes which have the related status.

User and Company Panel

User can create and edit system users in this area. The figures on the dashboards is also changed and listed according to company, financial period and user selections from here.

Customer/Vendor Reconciliation

Current Reconciliations which companies make with their customers and vendors are prepared, sent and archived here. C/V Extract is also shown here. Information of reconciliation responsible    contacts and assignations are made in this section.


Executives can see pie-chart and line graphics of reconciliation process, filtered by financial period and reconciliation type. Processes made by system users are also evaluated in the graphics.

Simple Customizing

Users can change the themese of the Portal. Text Content, body colours, company signs and other social media links in the Reconciliation Mail Envelopes are also can be saved and editted in this part by authorized user.