Medepia e-Waybill Solution
eWaybill is an electronic waybill for movement of goods and it becomes mandatory in Turkey as of 01.01.2019. It not only moves all transactions currently carried out still on paper to the electronic environment but also makes it easier to track the whole process with a single point of access. All related information can be accessed much faster and the information content is protected as well. Additionally, driver and vehicle information are included together with further measures to protect and provide security as stated in the corresponding tax law in section 213.
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    Legal Basis

    The medepia e-Waybill solution was introduced back in 2017 where the it could be applied on a voluntary basis first. It is connected with the head of income administration in Turkey and fulfills all legal requirements.

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    Full Integration

    It is fully integrated into the SAP business process end-to-end philosophy.

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    Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

    Low investment and maintenance costs with a fast solution realization

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    Fast Process

    Overall process acceleration with faster waybill delivery to the receiver side within the electronic environment

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    Your Records are Safe

    Fully governed and protected

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    Full Support

    medepia as your partner provides full support and you as our customer benefit from our experience

Advantages of e-Waybill

Save on time and effort

Save on Ink, Paper and Posting expenses

Quick and easy access to waybills thanks to Archiving

Removing risk and user errors in manual process

Full Integration among Revenue Administration, Receiver and Sender

Transparency for control and audit