Medepia e-Waybill Solution
e-Waybill carried out by Revenue Administration in 2017, is an electronic transformation process that increases efficiency due to moving paper waybill process into electronic environment alongside building a stronger and safer road for the whole process. In addition to driver and vehicle info, e-Waybill solution includes all required information which are stated in Tax Procedure Law, No.213, aiming to remove all user faults and security gaps and to enhance functionality and velocity. e-Waybill has all the legal validity and features that paper waybill does.
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    Legal Basis

    e-Waybill application is put into service in 2017 on a volunteer basis. Revenue Administration is in the center of the whole process and it has all legal validity that a paper waybill has.

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    Full Integration

    Medepia e-Waybill Solution builds an end-to-end integration among SAP, Receiver/Sender sides and Revenue Administration.

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    Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

    Medepia e-Waybill Solution is a project which is installed with minimum investment and maintenance costs. Users can take the process under control with budget-friendly Medepia e-Waybill Solution.

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    Fast Process

    e-Waybill accelerates the whole process by preparing and conveying the waybill to receiver side in electronic environment safer and faster way. Preparing and transmitting waybills manually to the receiver loses a great amount of time.

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    Your Records are Safe

    User errors and security gaps in the manual process give their place to an end-to-end secure, under control and transparent one, improving records’ safety.

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    Full Support

    With the references of previous e-Transformation projects, Medepia provides service and support for transition and use of e-Waybill.

Advantages of e-Waybill

Save on time and effort

Save on Ink, Paper and Posting expenses

Quick and easy access to waybills thanks to Archiving

Removing risk and user errors in manual process

Full Integration among Revenue Administration, Receiver and Sender

Transparency for control and audit