Medepia e-Invoice Solution
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    Full Integration

    Medepia e-Invoice Solution provides an end-to-end integration between your SAP or Non-SAP ERP system and GIB.

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    e-Invoice becomes an obligation for companies which are in a definite sector and have enough size, necessitated by GIB. Alongside, many of nonobligatory companies pass to e-Invoice system because of many advantages it brings.

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    Safe Records

    Invoices are created, sent and kept in your own system. Proprietary data are never sent to another external area.

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    Low Investment and Maintenance Expense

    Medepia e-Invoice Solution does not require a SAP licence. You can start using Medepia e-Invoice Solution with low-cost of investment and maintenance expenses.

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    Full Support

    Medepia supports you not obly for technical issues; but also preparing, sending and following application documents.

Medepia e-Invoice solution is ready for e-Waybill scenario.

e-Waybill integration of Medepia e-Invoice user companies is given as part of Maintenance Service

Advantages of e-Invoice

Save on effort during invoicing process

Save on Paper, Ink and Post expenses

Fast and easy acccess to invoices thanks to Storage

Using the advantages of electronical environment

Full Integration with GIB

Private Integrator option if needed