Medepia SAP e-Ledger Solution

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    Complete Compliance

    Medepia e-Bookkeping solution is approved by GIB (Turkish Revenue Administration).

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    Full Support

    Medepia provides support not only for technical subjects. Medepia also helps you with the preparing application documents, sending documents and following up with the status of the application.

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    Legal Obligations

    e-Ledger is obligatory for companies with particular sectors and size. Also many companies without legal obligation choose e-Ledger because of the advantages it brings.

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    Legally Approved

    It is about to come to an end of notarization and printing ledgers. Ledgers and journals will be kept electronically in the new system of GIB.

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    Low Investment and Maintenance Expense

    Medepia e-Ledger Solution does not require a SAP licence. You can start using Medepia e-Ledger Solution with low-cost of investment and maintenance expenses.

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    Safe Records

    Ledgers are created, signed and kept in your own system. Proprietary data are never sent to another external area.

 Advantages of e-Ledger

No expense of Notarization

Save on Paper, Ink and Post expenses

Easy to store and retrive in case of need

Directly integrated to SAP systems

Decreased workforce requirements

Provides a fast, easy and safe e-Ledger installation