Access your Real-Time Bank Accounts with Medepia SAP e-Account


Desire of companies to make their processes faster and easier by keeping pace with technological developments is shaped according to how much they will save on money and time thanks to projects which will be held. 

Through this package, developed in order to manage the cash accurately and exactly, it is aimed that processes in Finance and Accounting department are quickened.

Thanks to Medepia Online e-Account Solution, companies can make this process which consist of mainly two steps.

In the first place, user can reach all of the bank accounts on a single panel simultaneously, and have chance to check the latest transactions in the accounts transiently.

For the second step, system will create an accounting entry in the ERP system for the bank transactions automatically.

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    Save on Time

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    Accurate and Exact Cash Management

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    Executing bank reconciliations faster and flawless

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    Managing collecting process more productive

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    Preventing user mistakes while transmitting data manually from Online services to ERP system

A single door which opens to all of your Bank Accounts

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